Sit-down with C-Systems!

DS-R: We sat down with DS-R mainstay artists “C-Systems” this week to chat about dance music, their recent journey through Trance and how they became involved in A+R for the record label. Here’s our interview with “C-Systems”!

Question 1:
Hey guys! Great to speak to you today. So, how did you guys get into A+Ring for Digital Society Recordings?
Hello to you all too! Yes, so this is a question we get asked a lot! We have worked with Enhanced Music for many years releasing tracks on DS-R and Always Alive. Of course if people didn’t know, Enhanced Music are who started Digital Society Recordings many years ago. About 3 years ago or so, we were asked to come on board supporting A+R at the label as uplifting Trance producers and we of course said YES! Helping other artists has always been a passion of ours and this role gave us the facility to do that on a weekly basis. Today, we now manage A+R with DS-R alongside a great team, supporting a lot of upcoming artists as well as loads of well-known names in the scene.
Question 2:
You have released on DS-R for many years, but which labels are you working with now?
We are now working very closely with Armada Music in The Netherlands, signing almost all our productions in the last year to A State of Trance. We obviously love DS-R and still work closely within A+R at the label, but moving our releases over to ASOT has been an incredible experience. Working with a large team across various departments is really exciting. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in a lot of very cool projects, as well as visiting Amsterdam several times to perform on ASOT Live and see the team. We also sign our “Akkima” alias tracks to Raz Nitzan and Pure Trance which is a really fun project to work on.
Question 3:
Very cool! So what’s coming next for this year with you guys?
We have more tracks on the way across a few labels! Some of the most exciting things happening are actually with DJing – we have several very cool things lined up in the UK as well as some surprises. Our debut at Luminosity Beach Festival is in a few weeks, which is our first large festival to play at.
Question 4:
In terms of dance music right now, what are you really into and which artists are really impressing you?
Trance! Always Trance! Of course we love all music in various forms, but in terms of dance music, it’s incredible to see so many trance-style riffs in a lot of chart music. Of course it’s been fascinating to follow how “Melodic Techno” has evolved over time and see the popularity of that rise too. In terms of artists, Bryn Whiting and Dan Cooper are particularly excellent in our opinion. Loving their individual styles. It’s also been great to see Luke Terry sign a few tracks to DS-R, who is another excellent producer.
Question 5:
You recently featured on a track with none other than Trance legend Chicane! How did that come about?
This was a huge surprise for us! We got an email from Armada one day proposing this idea that Nick (Chicane) had and we absolutely loved it. The track with Nick called “Let the Universe Surround You” is based on our acoustic mix of “Gravity”, a track we released on DS-R in 2017! The original didn’t have vocals, but we recorded some with Hanna Finsen to see if they worked and we really liked them. For the acoustic mix, we brought the vocals in and it worked so well. Off the back of this idea, Nick heard the track and proposed the idea that now features on his new album, “Nethertheless”. Unbelievable really and shows you can never predict what will happen with a track.
DS-R: Amazing guys! Thank you so much for speaking to us today. Good luck with the next part of your adventure in Trance!